Cool Runnings: How to Get the Most from Your Car’s AC

Get Ready for Summer With Us

Many of us are longing to hit the road for an adventure. And what will we find when we get out there? That spring happened while we were sheltering indoors and that summer is here with its hot and humid days. You can take steps now to make sure your vehicle is in peak condition for any summer trip. The technicians at Love Field Auto have put together a list of maintenance tips to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in good order so it’s ready when you need it for your next big adventure!

1. Weekly Exercise

Even if you are a windows-down person, you will still need your AC for rainy and humid days. If you take 10 minutes to run your air conditioning once a week, it will maintain the gas pressure within the system to keep the compressor working properly. That way, even if you use your air conditioning infrequently, it is ready and in working order for when you do want it!

2. Defrost

Exercising the system with the defrost setting has the added benefit of removing moisture. If you’ve ever smelled an earthy, wet scent when you first put on the AC, that could mean your system has mildew and growth in it. Running the defrost system dries out the innermost areas of your air condition and prevents mildew from taking hold.

3. Off-Season Use

Air conditioning doesn’t necessarily mean cold air, it means conditioned air. Surprisingly, your air conditioning is also useful in the winter to remove humidity from the cabin and prevent condensation on the windows which can obstruct your view. Using your system at least once a week will keep the cabin humidity down and prevent the growth of mildew mentioned above.

4. Recharge

Your air conditioning is a closed system within your car and requires checks other than your regular vehicle maintenance schedule. Keeping the gas and fluids of your AC at the right levels will make it a more consistent and reliable system with better air conditioning results.

In Dallas, Texas, it’s not unusual to actually need the AC any day of the year. Sometimes even our winter days are too warm for fresh air alone. While you are doing less driving, while you are spending less time in your car, you can still take measures to keep your vehicle in peak performance condition. If you have concerns about your air conditioning or how to keep your vehicle from stagnating during this hiatus, call Love Field Auto to speak with one of our highly trained technicians: 214-902-9996.