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How to Make Your Car’s AC Ice Cold

Texas summers can be downright sweltering. If you’re driving around in a car with a busted AC, it can easily feel like a sauna. Want to keep your cool amidst the heat? Follow these four simple tips from the auto AC repair professionals at Love Field Auto in Dallas, Texas to make your car’s AC feel colder, faster.

  1. Replace Your Cabin Filter
    A clogged cabin air filter can prevent your car’s air conditioning from working in peak condition. This car component prevents dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your car’s cabin through the AC and heat vents. A clogged filter can block AC airflow, preventing cold air from coming through.

    You can replace the filter yourself or call our team to quickly do it for you.

  2. Park in a Shady Spot
    Do you park your car for long stretches of time either at home or at work? To prevent your car from turning into an oven, park it under a shady tree or in a parking garage to avoid the sun’s strong rays. If you can’t find shade, make your own! Buy a windshield sunshade to prevent sunlight from heating up your vehicle.
  3. Gradually Turn Up Your AC
    While it may be tempting to crank your AC to the highest level possible when you first enter your hot car, it’s actually counterproductive. When you do this, it’s taking the hot air in your car, cooling it, and then blowing it right back into your cabin.

    To cool your car faster, turn the fan on first instead, with the airflow set to the “outside” mode. Afterward, turn on your AC and set it to the maximum level.

  4. Get It Fixed
    If you’ve tried the first three tips without any success, your auto air conditioner may need to be repaired or replaced. If this is the case, make an appointment with the auto AC repair experts at Love Field Auto in Dallas, Texas. Call us today at 214-902-9996 to keep your cool. We look forward to seeing you soon!